Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tax Reform (The Capitalist Plan Infiltrates The Middle Class)

The quote below is taken from The President's Advisory Panel on Tax Reform," published in 2005:

"Only people can bear the burden of taxation. While corporations do remit tax 
payments to the federal government, the economic burden of the corporate income tax can fall only on people – speci´Čücally, shareholders, employees, or customers. " (Final Report, Chapter 3, Page 34, Paragraph 1)

The significance of the above is that we (people) should be aware that the Capitalist system that we perpetuate in this country will never share the burden of taxation with corporations - no matter what guise of Democracy we vote into office. This, the holy mantra of Capitalism, prevails.

Thus the increasing importance of growing the unskilled, working class that will serve as the perpetual source of tax revenue. No child left behind to escape the burden of taxation. The biggest threat to this system is an aware, educated, critical citizenry.

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